Antoinette Arnold Spills The Tea On PR!

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We often meet up at the very trendy members-only hotel/coworking space, Soho House,  in the West Loop. I've come to love lunch dates with Antoinette. She's so poised and put together, I hang on her every word as she talks about her recent business travels. With her hair laid and still fresh to death in her Nike Joggers we greet one another, and for at least 20 minutes, keekee and haha about the world of female entrepreneurship.  We sip lattes in our club chairs for what seems like hours, and eventually get to talking about what's next for her and her glamorous PR company, Authentic Noise.

Who is Antoinette Arnold?

I’m a woman who lives in the present moment. I enjoy quality time with my family and friends, and I love the freedom of owning my business and doing things on my terms.

Why do you love PR? Did you always see yourself doing this?

I love PR because I love storytelling. I love to see the different ways a brand can tell its story. I fell into PR. I originally wanted to be a news producer. After attending Roosevelt University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s program, I fell in love with the different ways of marketing a brand. From there I decided that I wanted to get into PR.  

Describe yourself in three words.

I am a Dreamer, Determined and Happy

Tell us about Authentic Noise.

Authentic Noise started out as only a PR firm; we’ve since transformed into an Integrated Marketing Communications agency that works with beauty, lifestyle and fashion brands. We do things in a very non-traditional manner. My team lives across the country. I work from home and shared office spaces from time to time. We enjoy working with small and large brands.

What is PR? Why use a PR Firm?

PR establishes mutual and beneficial relationships between individuals or organizations and their audiences. A PR firm will strategically craft brand stories and messages to a brand’s target audience. This is often achieved through media placements in magazines, TV shows, the news, newspapers, podcast, radio and live events.

What's the difference between public relations and marketing or advertising?

Marketing and PR complement each other that’s it! Marketing is determining who your customers are and identifying, anticipating and satisfying requirements profitably.

Advertising is paying for a space to promote a product or service. The purpose of the advertisement is to persuade your target audience to make a purchase.

Do small businesses need PR Firms?

Yes! Every brand needs PR. In the words of Billionaire Bill Gates “ If I were down to my last dollar, I would spend it on Public Relations.”

How Has Social Media changed the PR industry?

Social media has allowed brands and consumers to have real-time two-way conversations with each other. Brand’s can see how their audiences respond to the content they put out. It also gives brands another point of contact with the journalist. For PR newbies this is one way to build relationships with journalists. I use social media to build relationships with journalists all the time, and it works!

How do you use social media to help your clients?

We use social media for behind the scenes shots, interviews with our brand representatives, product placement with influencers and directly engaging with consumers through Q&A’s, product giveaways and tips. Social media has open the doors to inexpensive brand awareness and activations.

What are your favorite social media platforms?

Instagram! I love stories, and I love how everything is in one platform. IG is my only favorite. I’m on Facebook because I have to be.

Describe your ideal client.

My ideal client is a brand or service in the beauty, lifestyle or fashion industry that is ready to elevate their brand through storytelling and experiential marketing.  We’re looking for brands that are ready to sample products, participate in events, try new and exciting activations and truly partner with Authentic Noise so that we can elevate the brand and reach its goals. We like working with unique brands, big or small.

What ways do you get PR for your clients?

The team at Authentic Noise gets PR for our clients by securing product or service features in local and national media outlets; we plan events for the media and Chicago’s top influencers and tastemakers. We’ve achieved TV segments with our clients showcasing their products or services. We work hard to get our clients in front of their audience.

What’s new with AN for 2018?

I’m so excited for 2018 because I’m launching Authentic Coaching, a new program I’ve created for newbie entrepreneurs who want to elevate their brand with bite-size marketing communication strategies that have worked in my business and for clients. My action-oriented program will change the game for new business owners in closing deals, building meaningful partnerships, promoting press for profit, sharing brand stories and best of all preparing any entrepreneurs mindset for a winning business.

By Trae Bundrant

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