We Give Zero F*cks About Feelings

Trae Bundrant

But we care a ton about your business being successful. Most business owners have lofty ideas of what they want when it comes to branding and marketing, and 90% of the time it makes no sense. It's our job as a consultative firm to provide them with truths not alternative facts. 

Our firm specializes in educating our clients on how to convert followers into customers and how to keep those customers engaged. We ask each of our clients a billion questions to uncover issues pertaining to their processes and how to effectively market their unique brand digitally to their ideal customer. We are not "Yes" people, we are "uncover the truths and let's make this money" people. Digital marketing takes years to master. Are you a business owner or a digital marketer? There's not enough time to be both effectively. 

The type of customer service we offer is comprehensive, direct and quantitative.  We  will not flatter you only to under deliver and disappoint. Most business owners who don't initially choose Q & B end up clients. They took the nicer easier soul happy route and realized their money was wasted on a bunch of promises attached to feelings and now they're extremely discouraged.

<<<Petty AF! But we <3 Chrissy!

At the very least you want a return on your investment, Right? Read our recent case study. Are you a lifestyle brand that needs help? Call us now: 312-956-0691.