What The Health Is Happening: Is Vegan The New Black?

Seriously, after watching What The Health I needed to take a look at what the hell I ate and what impact all my choices have on the Earth. The documentary didn't surprise me though, it reminded me of why I quit my job to start my own company. It was essential that Queen & Berry make conscious efforts to improve how we treat the Earth and the beings who live on it. 

As a business, we could do this by not printing marketing materials like business cards and fliers. Providing livable wages and having a sensitivity to our employees' work/life balance needs. Also, fiercely supporting as many anti-animal/human cruelty and environmental projects as possible.

Being a Vegan is bigger than what you eat, it's your life and your style. What The Health re-energized our primary focus, outside of helping frustrated business owners, we target amazing lifestyle brands that are rooted in social and sustainable causes but are still for profit. 

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"As a Black female marketer I'm always looking for underrepresented Brands in the lifestyle category, hello Black Owned Vegan Businesses! To my surprise, there are many. Below are some black owned vegan brands that we fuq's with!" -Trae


According to their website, Trap Vegan is a new urban vegan clothing brand representing the spirit, compassion, and the hustle. Spirit represents the light within all that is the All, compassion is for both humans and animals, and the hustle represents building wealth via investing, dream chasing, and entrepreneurship. The company is seeking to assist in the raising of consciousness and provoke demonstrations of compassion by all in the world who may be compelled. So, we say, get you some Trap Vegan apparel asap! 



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The Detroit founder, Mellissa, says, "If you want to have beautiful, high-performance products in the most amazing packaging, you have come to the right place. If you want vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics that are affordable, you have come to the right place. And if you want to feel like you belong to a beautiful community that understands that there is no wrong way to do you, yes baby, you have come to the right place." Are you a Basic Bish? I'm guilty at times, the Basic Bish color is EVERYTHING and often sold out. So, where can you get you some? Head over to their website and check out their stockist list. 



"Natural Ingredients for Natural Products" is the focus of OBIA Naturals. The mission of OBIA Naturals is to produce pH balanced, non-toxic, herbal-based natural hair and body care products for women and men. Our eco-friendly line of hair care products work in all hair textures and this is attributed to the fact that our products are science-based, per their website. They are also, Vegan and PH balanced.



According to Jenné Claiborne this is  what happened when she became vegan. She discovered a new, exciting, and lucrative career path as a vegan chef, health coach, and cooking instructor. --Checkout her $5 Digital Cookbook download!! Became friends with the most compassionate and kind people. Her terrible digestion became great. Her acne cleared up, and her skin is now clear and glows. The clinical depression she was diagnosed with has dissipated, and she no longer relies on anti-depressant drugs. Her hormones and menstrual cycle found balance. And her fatigue disappeared. That's an amazing Vegan testimony. Hey, her new cookbook is dropping in 2018! We're STOKED! Visit her website to learn more!



HE'S 12!!!!!!!! That's all. Ok, here's what J-Rock's Pop is all about according to their website: "Putting a healthy twist on one of America's all-time favorite snacks, J-Rock's Pop Gourmet Vegan Popcorn is made with premium, organic ingredients including organic popcorn and organic coconut oil for popping. Naturally gluten-free and with no artificial ingredients, dairy, GMO's, high-fructose corn syrup or preservatives, J-Rock's Pop currently features three flavors and is available for purchase on our website and at Healthy Food Hub, a local community farmers market on Chicago's Southside. J-Rock's Pop has also committed to donating a percentage of profits to help with the ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan."



Are you a Vegan brand frustrated with your current marketing efforts? We'd love to chat with you and see how we can help!