Vero...Got It? It's free until further notice. Is it worth it, tho?

Vero—True Social

Hallelujah!!! Goodbye ALGORITHMS! Have you tried Vero—True Social? Is It really run by the Russians?  Do you care? Does it matter if it eliminates all the bullshit we hate about Instagram?  

What is Vero?

Vero, which means "true" in Italian, is a new social media app trying to take on Instagram, Facebook and more. It’s ad-free and organized chronologically, as opposed to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm-driven feeds. It’s also gaining steam just as many influential Instagram users are complaining about a drop in “likes” and other engagement in recent weeks.

Vero is the latest in a long line of would-be Instagram and Facebook killers, including the likes of Ello, Mastodon, Peach, and, most recently, Sarahah. But many of those apps faded into obscurity not long after first appearing on the scene. Facebook, the $500-billion-plus company that also owns Instagram, is unlikely to cede any ground to upstart competitors anytime soon according to TIME.

It's sorta new, it officially launched in 2015. There's been a huge push towards the app in the past few months. Instagram and Facebook influencers are a huge reason why.

How's It Different From Instagram + Facebook?

Vero is a social media sharing app, which works very much like Instagram, but with a few notable differences. Although most people using it now seem to be posting photos, the app also lets you share links, text-based status updates, and recommendations.

The biggest difference is that the posts you see on your Vero newsfeed are arranged in reverse chronological order, rather than algorithmically, which is how Instagram and Facebook do it – something that has caused frustration among users. (scmp)

Can this app take on Insta and FB frfr? 

Lawd knows Snapchat keeps trying. We hate that fu*k'n app. There is real controversy surrounding the CEO, Ayman Hariri and some of the executive staff. They have posted a manifesto and some clarifications on their site, you can decide. It's about time for a social media platform that's organic and without a ton of rules, aka algorithms.

If you wanna try it out, download it NOW! They've extended their 1 million free downloads to include all downloads until further notice.  It's still in the beta phase so beware, people are reporting bugs.

Have you tried it? Tell us about your experience in the comment box below!