Sarahy Lopez

Liquid lipstick lovers will love Makeup Monsters, an indie makeup company with an amazing vegan, cruelty-free, long-lasting formula. Founded in 2015 by owner Samantha Muth, starting as a small brand from her home, Makeup Monsters has gained immense attention from makeup lovers.

A company which started on Instagram now has about 140k loyal followers. Makeup Monsters communicates with fans through social media and encourages followers to share photos while wearing their lipsticks with the tagline “Be your own beautiful monster,” giving the chance for fans to showcase their makeup skills, also showing their wide arrange of lipstick colors on all skin shades. Fan participation has helped the company grow and expand their products to lip pencils, and even highlighters.

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With a wide arrange of liquid matte lipsticks from everyday colors to night-time party colors and a few duo-chromes, Makeup Monsters focuses on a longer-lasting formula that will stay on your lips, even after hours, but that is still comfortable. The recent trend with liquid lipsticks has escalated with brands like Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and Smashbox. However, indie brands like Makeup Monsters, have been rivaling big name brands from Sephora with their gluten, and paraben-free formula.

Why does vegan matter? It matters when it comes to animal-testing, and whether brands are still using animal product in their formulas. What’s amazing is that a start-up makeup company can use vegan ingredients like carnauba wax (a wax derived from palm leaves) as opposed to using beeswax, which is considered an animal product. Made in small batches at a time, Makeup Monsters focuses on the quality of their lipsticks, rather than mass production.

While MAC is still unfortunately testing on animals for their products, Makeup Monsters is bypassing that standard, and is becoming revolutionary with their liquid lipsticks, and their social media marketing. They reach out to their fans through Instagram, making sure that connectivity between them is strong and consistent. This game-changing brand is designed for your lips, with almost every color of the rainbow to choose from.

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