Spoken: A Local Cafe Find

Trae Bundrant

Montrose is full of dope ass spots to jive in. Discovering Spoken- a cafe was like uncovering a hidden treasure, and it's turning out to be one of our favorite finds. Our company needed a local alternative to Starbucks. Located across the street from the corporate giant was the answer; imagine our surprise. Spoken sits underneath the Montrose Brown line 3 blocks from our office.

We hit the jackpot. 

Since our company stays in a state of creating, it's important to have a place that evokes inspiration. This spot does just that and MORE. Jinsang blazin', espresso machines hissing, and people chatting, the Spoken Cafe is magical. Hipsteresque vibes pour out like shots of ristretto without the pretentious aftertaste. Kind people serving great food while providing excellent service makes our coffee shop moments both memorable and delicious.

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About The Owners

The Louisiana husband and wife duo took over the place 4 years ago. They make their own spreads and sauces including, mayo, mustard, and an assortment of nut butters. Can you say DYNAMITE! Bagels and soups and sandwiches and beverages and DO-RITE muthafucking donuts are a few of their offerings. Then there's the coffee. Their bean options come from ethically responsible roasters like Counter Culture Coffee and Kickapoo. So, stop in and try a NOLA today.

If you work remotely and want a chill atmosphere to kick it at, you won't be disappointed with Spoken. We didn't speak too soon on this hot spot!

If you're a local Chicago business and want us to come visit hit us up!