free advice: social data is everything

Each time we take on a client we scrutinize their social media data to improve their follower engagement and help them make money.

the 411


is the SHIT, for real, and can save your business. Yelp pages provide free data, good and bad. Check it out, so, you receive a complaint on yelp, respond, fix the issue and offer the customer a do-over. WOW, now I have Ghostface Killah playing in my head..."can I get a doooooo OOOOOOOverrrrrr." Moving on, the customer most likely will update their review, have brand loyalty and you've created cred. Plus, we mentioned earlier, YELP IS FREE.


our fave, is a cesspool for follower data. You can analyze your followers likes and use that information to write blogs, post images, and increase engagement. If you know what someone likes it's easy for you to give them what they are looking for.


your feed has valuable information from influencers and business associates. Most times they are posting about the most relevant information because they are in the KNOW. Taking information that someone else has posted about and making it your own, for let's say a blog post, is totally acceptable. When you have writers block, or need current, cool ass ideas, go to Linkedin and see what the cool kids are talking about. 


it's simple, look at your followers boards and create boards and pins that will interest them. Also, re-pin anything that is most relevant to your business. By Following these simple steps your brand will reach thousands of pinners who are potential customers.

In today's world a strong social media presence means validation of your business which means more money! Use the data, its free free free...