Small Business Owners Win With Squarespace

I built my first website using WordPress. At first, I could barely contain my excitement. I was able to add a calendar, write blog posts and it didn't cost a thing! You get what you pay for. Because of my naivety, I had no idea how complicated it would get to implement design features I loved from other sites. Almost immediately after learning Wordpress I began blogging for a marketing company that used WordPress for all of their clients. Not only  was I responsible for writing daily blogs but I was also required to maintain each individual site theme, manage updates, plugins and widgets, FML.

WordPress Dashboard

Does This look familiar? This dashboard still gives me nightmares. Why is this so F'NG complicated?

I spent countless hours fixing shortcodes, emailing 'theme' folks, searching for ways to rig it all together, on hold with Bluehost, asking questions in forums and treated like I was a dummy and I was so over it. WordPress has an open source format, all plugins, widgets, and themes are coded by individuals who may place pesky bugs inside their code which makes your website extremely vulnerable to being breached. I cried daily, someone, HELP! I needed a miracle. 

Here's What Happened Next!

I started to get my own clients outside of the marketing company and needed a way to build beautiful websites without the headache of WordPress. BOOM! While searching for a better way to build and maintain websites I found Squarespace!!!! WOOOOT! It was like the universe heard all my cries and placed Squarespace right in front of me, lucky girl! :) From there I began cranking out the websites. Websites that were functional and looked amazing. I get it, some people are partial to WordPress. But, it's by no means Time or Cost effective. The time you spend sourcing everything and everyone you need to build a Website you're at least 10 stacks in. 

giphy-downsized (1).gif

So Why Do Small Business Owners Win With Squarespace?

They Have Dope Ass websites in half the time for half the price of a Wordpress site.  SquareSpace is also a one stop shop by offering domain setup and hosting. You also have 24/7 support and beautiful templates for whatever your business needs. 


Are There Some Downsides To SquareSpace? 

Sure, most 'designers' don't like the fact that you don't have full control over what you can build on the SquareSpace platform. I'm neutral to this gripe because the functionality and design of each template are current. Plus SquareSpace is always implementing the latest trends and techniques. You can't go wrong. 

Ready To Change Over Your WordPress Website To SquareSpace?