Your Reputation Is Everything, Just Ask Dove.


Dove, another brand who missed the mark on diversity and inclusion causing people to speculate on their position when it comes to race. There can be a number of reasons why they were so confident in releasing this off-putting ad on Facebook. But, whatevs they did it and black women, were not having it. This advertisement has people in their feelings and rightfully so. If you're a black woman you see the ad as, "the only way I can be accepted is if I were white?" 

Even if that was never Dove's intention it is a perfect example on how one ad can change the perception of your brand. Don't think it matters? Black women spend 80% more on hair supplies alone according to Mintel, a market analysis and consumer trend company. Dove has since issued an apology. <<<<They've since been cancelled, though.

Here's how NOt to get cancelled

As a business owner your reputation means EVERYTHING and can affect your ability to make money. Customers have always rated companies, but mainly focusing on the quality of the service provided. That has all changed and everything is scrutinized thanks to the internet. Today, customers will rate companies in a more holistic manner. The Internet has opened the doors of fortunity for companies and consumers alike, giving them the opportunity to reach a broader audience.

A positive customer rating will get you pretty far, especially if you operate an ecommerce business. Most consumers who shop online will take the time to research a company. If the company has a high customer rating, the consumer will most likely make a purchase. The impact of positive feedback can actually help your company soar.

Poor customer ratings hinder previous positive reputation and will keep you from growing. In fact, it can push your sales even lower, eventually driving you out of business. With this being said, you can't possibly make every customer that you serve happy or even content for that matter. Many dissatisfied customers will become set on ruining your business, so where is the best place to start? The answer to this question is obvious, because most customers will head straight to the Internet. Companies that have a poor reputation online and offline will lose eventually begin losing sales. It will be hard to determine the true impact at first, but when the loss continue to scale higher, it will no doubt affect your business negatively.

Believe it or not, there are ways to protect your image, but it will not be easy. The only way for this to be effective is for you to focus on both your online and offline reputation issues. With everyone utilizing the Internet, it's nearly impossible for someone not to notice those horrible yelp reviews.

Burying negative reviews if you're swimming in them is a lesson in futility. You can remedy some of the backlash but it requires tons of effort from you and your employees. Start by apologizing and offering solutions to correct the issue each negative reviewer has brought to your attention. Next, evaluate your current operation processes. For instance, if you have difficulty managing online payments and orders many of your customers will probably complain about shipping being delayed. There is nothing worse than a constomer frustrated because their package was not on time. See where you can streamline or outsource some of the workload. Or maybe your branding is lackluster or you don't post interesting content. Sometimes the aesthetics of your brand will keep someone from purchasing from you.

Now that you know the importance, advantages, and disadvantages of reputation management, you will be able to manage your current customer ratings more effectively. If you need assistance in altering your company's reputation, schedule a free consultation today!