Not Your Average Yoga Studio

For Women’s History Month, we checked out One Key Yoga, an all women-built, and all women-owned studio with yoga and meditation classes that focus on achieving body and mental health by creating a community within the studio. Located in Ravenswood, One Key Yoga is the place to go for therapy yoga and meditation.

This studio breaks away from the hipster stigma, and it’s not one of “those” studios that promises a cute butt, radiant skin, and where most women show up in makeup and Lululemon pants. It is so much more than that.

The goal in yoga is to create a connection with the body, mind, and breath rather than physical exercise. What makes One Key Yoga unique is that it creates a safe haven, an environment for anyone and everyone to join and practice yoga. It’s not only for helping people find their self, but for having that positive reinforcement within a community. Everyone has a different background, a different story, and they’re all brought together with a sense of purpose within One Key Yoga.

Gina Fitzpatrick, owner and instructor, said the main purpose of her studio is to improve and heal the self and to encourage those who are afraid of participation to sign up for classes. Yoga is for everybody, said Fitzpatrick, there are no mirrors, no presumptions. What matters is finding yourself and becoming your best. The classes are completely judgement-free, catering to body and mental health.

Oftentimes, people are too busy with life that they don’t realize the importance of their health. The purpose of yoga is to just stop and learn to listen to the body, to hear those inner needs. Yoga itself means to connect the mind, body, and breath which makes it unique to other types of exercise because it brings all of the aspects of the self together.

One Key Yoga’s teachers focus on this message, and are “here to help you on your path to becoming your wisest, most vibrant self.” 

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Sarahy Lopez