Is MoPro the Rent-A-Center For Websites?

Have you ever financed something? It sounds like an awesome idea and it becomes a nightmare real right quick. All of the sudden a couch that started out being a thousand bucks turns into five thousand bucks. They got you with all that interest. And you're like...

Recently we've had clients contact us after they were duped by MoPro. So we wanted to look into this further. After weeks of research, we found out most people do not have very nice things to say about their experience with the web builder giant.  According to reviews, "they present an affordable option for small businesses but that option is littered with deception".

Let's break down what we found out about MoPro through their reviews.:

1. Their basic price is $199 per month according to their website. Which makes your yearly commitment $2,388 buckaroos. EVERY YEAR!

2. It's a 6-month contract. You can only cancel after 6 months.

3. What happens after you cancel? The site goes away. You'll need to find someone to build you a new one. EEEEEEK. 

4. Not many design options.

5. Horrible customer service.

We didn't say it check out their reviews on yelp and their rating with the BBB and judge for yourself.

Listen, sometimes when you're starting a business, you need to find out what works best for you. MoPro clients are a plus for us we help them regain confidence by providing great design and providing stellar customer service.  We have introduced a get you started package.

If you're looking for an affordable alternative, we'd be thrilled to take on your website!