InfiniteUS Rocks & Juice: Hella Hipster, Hella Holistic, & Hella Boss

Trevor Bryan

As someone who is holistically inclined, InfiniteUS Rocks & Juice is a local Chicago business that has captured my full attention.

This funky fresh shop offers a deliriously delicious combination of products and services. InfiniteUS provides customers with a rock room that offers stones, crystals, and minerals for all of your metaphysical material needs; InfiniteUS also has a juice bar to serve up a wide variety of juices, cleanses, and various organic drink blends.

If their dual restaurant-retail vibes weren’t enough for you, get this: THEY DELIVER. A real frontrunner in the organic food industry, InfiniteUS will deliver your juice or rocks straight to your door if you’re located within their Chicago delivery zone. Say whaaaa? Yes, you read me right. They deliver. If my lazy ass was nearby, you can be sure that I’d be their #1 customer.

But wait- I can still be their #1 customer, even from far away. InfiniteUS offers an Etsy shop where you can purchase rocks, crystals, and gems to have delivered. Offering an Etsy shop while also managing a store must keep their minds busy, and their wallets full.

Fully enamored with the business, a closer look was taken at their social media.

Spoiler Alert: @infiniteusrocks Instagram is fly af.


A post shared by @infiniteusrocks on


Double Spoiler: they have a second Instagram @infiniteusjuice.

Mesmerizing photos are used to their advantage to organically grow their follower base. Clearly a master photographer is behind these images, as I can’t stop scrolling through their pages. A mix of products they offer, industry related findings, and staff adventures compose the bulk of their posts. This mix works well, for it is engaging for followers as they get to see what kind of items they can purchase, proving that InfiniteUS is a metaphysical master, and connects consumers with employees as if they were following a friend on Instagram.

Having two instagram accounts is an interesting strategy, for it separates the interconnectedness of their dual service store; however, having these two separate accounts can allow them to push out more content, and foster growth with consumers who prefer one service over another. And for those who can’t get enough of their hippy holistic goodness, you can always follow both!

If you’re looking for a lifestyle brand that caters to finding your own virtues, healthy pathways, and metaphysical mindset, then InfiniteUS Rocks & Juice is a one stop shop.

P.S. Can you deliver some kombucha to Michigan plz?