Slay Your Hair Game With Function Of Beauty


Function of Beauty is a start-up company that offers shampoo and conditioner with ingredients tailored to your specific needs.

This company is based on a simple idea—everyone has unique hair. Function of Beauty allows you to personalize and customize your own shampoo and conditioner in accordance to your hair type, strength, volume, and even your favorite colors in a very short quiz. Their team of chemists and developers work to make a precise shampoo that is catered to your hair goals by using a software algorithm to determine shampoo and conditioner formulas.

Paraben and sulfate-free, Function of Beauty personalizes the shampoo by adding your name to the bottle and packaging, so mine is “Function of Sarahy” as seen on my shampoo.


You can also target those problematic areas by choosing up to five goals that you want for your hair. Dry scalp? Need more volume? Hair growth? No problem—Function of Beauty allows you to choose what areas you want to focus on, providing specific ingredients just for you. It is absolutely comparable to luxury shampoos, except that it is specifically tailored to your hair’s needs.

And if for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the results of the shampoo, Function of Beauty offers refunds within the first 30 days, so plenty of time to find out whether this shampoo is for you!

Sharing is caring! Function of Beauty allows buyers to share affiliate links to get $5 off when a friend places an order. That friend also gets a coupon, and their own link, creating a perfect cycle of affiliate links on social media. They’re killing it on social media too, with over 21k followers on Instagram and 40k on Facebook.

Function of Beauty drew $1.5 million in its seed round last year and increased its revenue 50% month-over-month during just the first six months after launch. It has also seen over a billion combinations due to the 100 different ingredients blends. So each bottle is truly unique. “Most products will cater to either a hair type or a specific goal,” said cofounder and CEO Zahir Dossa. “Very few cater to multiple goals.”

If you’re searching for a shampoo or conditioner to try, whether you are looking to fix your split-ends or just to have a super duper cute shampoo bottle, get on Function of Beauty!

Sarahy Lopez