Attention Small Businesses: Please Fix Yo Instagram

There are 800 Million Active Monthly Instagram Users!

(That's 800 million potential customer, guys!)

Social Media

Is your Instagram feed curated? In other words, is your brand recognized through your social media posts? In order to gain customers you must clearly define your brand image. We see a lot of social media accounts that lack a brand story. Are your photos cohesive and consistent? In your business feed, you should not post personal photos. Nope, not even of your cute dog, it misrepresents your business. 

By the way make sure you're following the latest size guidelines! You can find them here!


What To Do:

Authentic Noise

We love all the black & white images. 

Always Hungry Chi

Our Favorite Chicago Food Feed!


Needs Improvement:

In Public Creative

There is a lot going on with the different fonts.

Cuff In Season

These images should be focused and styled.

So, you need help curating your Instagram account? We can help you gain followers, increase current engagement which will make you more money. We offer consultations to businesses who need a strategic plan for their brand.