Case Study: A Radiant Touch Therapeutic

Cast Study: 1

Allison, owner of A Radiant Touch Therapeutic, wanted to rebrand her spa business. We assessed her current website and found it had actually been hacked. OH NO! Her analytics proved that through her website she was not making the money she wanted. 

OUR SOLUTION: Rebrand the website and activate her social media.  She also decided to revamp her brand image by changing the name and A Radiant Touch Therapeutic was born. We designed a website that fit her high end services and attracted the type of clients she wanted. 

We also: Updated the copy, Initiated her social media channels, created a blog, provided an editorial calendar, created a favicon, and sent several email blasts. 

Per our client Allison, her ROI was 400%. WOW!




We pulled this image from the way back machine. Her previous website was not responsive and it was not attracting clients, there were zero calls to action.

We provided an attractive homepage image and the design is now responsive. We also added a few digital marketing elements and introduced calls to action.

Email Blast


This email was sent in February and as you can see the latest open was 7/13 & last click was 6/22. She advised us last week she is still receiving business from this email blast. #winning

We were looking for the perfect web designer and media marketing representative. Queen and Berry took our business to a whole new level. I highly recommend them.
— Allison Toomer

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