Can Peter Chan Save iPhone X

For Apple in China, there is plenty riding on the iPhone X.

The U.S. tech giant has lost share in the world’s largest smartphone market in recent years, as aggressive Chinese rivals like Huawei have made inroads. The iPhone X launched in China in November, and while some early data looks positive for Apple, the Chinese New Year next week will be a key holiday for sales of the device.

For a new ad timed to the holiday, Apple brought out the big guns—recruiting acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Peter Chan to direct a short film.

Titled “3 Minutes,” it tells the story of a woman who works as a conductor on one of the longest train routes in the country. (Millions of people in China travel on crowded trains to be with their families over Chinese New Year.) Each year, this woman misses the holiday with her young son—but this time, she arranges to have her sister bring him to one of the train stops, so she can briefly see him.

Crucially, the entire film was shot on the iPhone X.

The film is scripted, but it’s based in truth—it is a real family, and the woman really is a conductor on the train. -AdWeek

Apple chose Chan because of his ability to shoot emotional stories on film.  Per Chan, shooting with the iPhone X gave them flexibility without compromising video quality. The video went super viral with 68 million views since it debuted a week ago.

Thanks, Chan, your '3 Minutes' film is a sensory treat that broke up our offices mundane Friday. 

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