Brand Yo Self, Fool!

3 Branding Strategies


Our first tagline was, " We help companies make money, bitch." It was disruptive and vulgar, but we are so confident about our abilities to market digitally we wanted to get the attention of our followers. It worked! Since then we constantly disrupt the status quo with realness. 

Create Trust Through Transparency 

Tell people how you run your business and why. People respect honesty. There are companies out there that are awesome, we're pretty awesome too, however, we are constantly aware that some are out there doing it better than us. Our guarantee to our clients is we provide amazing services and you will make more money! 

Sell Yo Ass Off!

Don't be afraid to sell your services. You got this, you are the expert and people need your services. Sales is how you scale.

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Don't Believe Us, Watch Her Tell, Ya!