7 Dope AF Package Designs That Give Us All The Feels

1. CS Light Bulbs

Designed by Angelina Pischikova, with line illustrations by Anna Orlovskaya, this amazing packaging uses detailed drawings of insects, and the bulbs themselves are paired with certain bugs depending on their shape and size. Long, thin bulbs are stored in dragonfly boxes, while the coiled stripes of an energy saving bulb become the abdomen of a bumble bee.


2. Folksaga

By Good Bones Design. They offer a wide variety of services including print, web, and illustration so that your brand has consistency across the board.


3. Fenty Beauty

Created by Established for Fenty Beauty, Rihanna's new cosmetic line. They developed the entire packaging range, the identity, and graphic design language.


4. Outdoor Hens

St. John Family Farms knows that the best eggs come from chickens raised in a natural setting, which is why their hens are free to graze in open pastures during the day. They needed a fresh look to communicate their humane focus on farming so Olio designed the egg carton packaging to reflect the core values of St. John Family Farms: happy hens raised outdoors, as nature intended. Created by Olio Studio.


5. Fiasco Holiday Collection

They wanted to create packaging that would emulate the quality of the product that it holds! They thought that mason jars were the perfect vessel in which to package their products as they represent their artisan and handcrafted philosophy. 


6. Goodio Chocolate

Their purpose is to make a contribution by creating healthful treats for the mind and body while protecting our beloved planet. It’s All Good

“Environmental issues are very important for Goodio,” Chief Branding Officer Jesse Kuhn says. “The inner wrapping is plant-based plastic and the envelope itself is FSC certified cardboard. We are in a constant search for better and more environmentally sound solutions.” 


7. Lucky Draw Playing Cards

SDCO Partners teamed up with The Art of Play to create this design-friendly deck of cards.

“Produced in collaboration with The Art of Play this unique deck of playing cards features a minimal back design and modern face cards packaged inside a letterpress, embossed and foil-stamped printed tuck box for a hint of luxury.

Printed on a premium crushed stock paper, the result is one of the best handling decks on the market.”