5 Makeup Dupes That Will Save You Money

Are you addicted to buying makeup, but not rich enough to have this problem? Have no fear, makeup dupes are here.

What’s a makeup dupe? It is the cheaper, alternative version of a high-end product that is close to the original color or has a similar finishing touch.

Prestige makeup products may last longer and have better pigmentation due to the more expensive ingredients, but dupes are life AND money savers. With all of these awesome palettes, liquid lipsticks, and concealers out there, just know that there is an amazing dupe for it to save you some cash and to produce the same results. 

Kylie Jenner "Candy K" ($29) vs NYX Lingerie "Bedtime Flirt"($6.99) 


If you’re a liquid lipstick lover, you’ll find that NYX Lingerie “Bedtime Flirt” is practically the same color as Kylie Jenner’s “Candy K,” minus the $40 plus shipping, and you can find the NYX Lingerie series at major retailers. The quality of the NYX lipsticks is long-lasting and comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about chapped lips or re-applications. 

Laura Mercier Loose Powder ($38) vs RCMA No Color Powder ($12) 


Do you have $38 to spare on powder?

Check out RCMA’s No Color Powder, "a cult-classic used on set by Hollywood makeup artists for years." It is a non-creasing powder that will blend to any skin tone and leave your face shiny and pore free. 

Giorgio Armani ($64) vs L'Oréal True Match Lumi ($12.99)  

             Image:  Giorgio Armani

            Image: Giorgio Armani

                                            Image:  Ulta

                                           Image: Ulta

$64?! Save that money, and check out L'Oréal’s True Match Lumi. Ideal for those with dry skin, it’s a silky, hydrating foundation that won’t leave your face looking like a craggy desert. It also provides a nice finishing glow afterward, while maintaining its full coverage.  

Estée Lauder Double Wear ($39.50) vs Maybelline Infallible ($12.99) 

                             Image:  Estee Lauder

                            Image: Estee Lauder

                                  Image:  Ulta

                                 Image: Ulta

Ideal to those with acne-prone, oily skin, Maybelline Infallible Pro-Matte is a perfect dupe for Estee Lauder’s Double Wear foundation. It’s long-lasting, even without the use of a setting spray, and it blends well to your skin tone. And it won’t leave you looking like an oil slick. 

Urban Decay Naked ($54) vs e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes ($9.85)  

                     Image:  http://www.urbandecay.com/

                    Image: http://www.urbandecay.com/

                                               Image:  http://www.elfcosmetics.com/

                                              Image: http://www.elfcosmetics.com/

Don’t have $54 to drop on an eyeshadow palette? No worries—this 32-piece palette from e.l.f. is a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. Providing more shades, this palette is good for everyday to nighttime looks. With a wet brush or primer, you’ll be able to get great pigmentation without having to constantly dip back between blending.

Can't get enough? See this article on more makeup dupes. Save all of the money.

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Sarahy Lopez