3 Riveting Reasons Content Is Now, King

With marketers spending 25% of their budget on content, and companies seeing higher returns through digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, we thought it fitting to discuss the REason Content Kicks Ass!


68% of internet users are reading about brands that interest them. Improving brand awareness through blogging and curated creative will dramatically reduce the cost of acquiring your customer...Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money, in your pocket. How, immediately, engaged customers serenade their friends, family and followers, with all the amazing things about your business. Word of mouth is stunningly effective and constantly providing sharable content will keep them wanting more. (Source)


The cost, DUH, the cost of outsourcing content is significantly less than traditional marketing strategies. Ask yourself...who really watches commercials, listens to ads on the radio or buys something from an advertisement they've seen in a magazine? Not me, these marketing tactics are antiquated, companies hemorrhage money and let's be honest they can be a bore SNORE. Did you know, well according to Business Wire, millennials will surpass baby boomers in buying power by 2017. What does this mean for you? Spending less on advertising and a higher return on investment via digital marketing means more profits for your business. 


Generating leads is the purpose of marketing. Your sales agents have to have someone to sell to, right. Websites with blogs are responsible for 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links, HELLO SEO, the bots love your thoughts! Interesting content is the number one reason people read company blogs and follow businesses on social media. By producing high quality information, that is relevant, consumers will have a reaction to your digital action, and buy. By the way, they found you because you were visible; they were surfing the web at 2 am your message captivated their attention and now they're buying while you're asleep. Just, percolate on that!